How do you resolve back pain?

“You are only as young as your spine is flexible” Joseph Pilates.
What do you do when you have back pain?
Paracetamol (panadol and similar) is a common pain killer, however a recent study has shown that paracetamol has only proven effective for four conditions: knee and hip osteoarthritis, craniotomy, tension headache and perineal pain after childbirth.
The study found the evidence to support the use of paracetamol was low quality or inconclusive for most of the conditions for which it is commonly used. Back pain is one of the conditions for which paracetamol has shown to be ineffective.
Up until recently, the usual advice for back pain was rest and painkillers. Increasingly, studies have shown that exercise plays a critical role in treating and controlling back pain.
I first started Pilates because of back pain. In my clients, I’ve found back pain is actually one of the most common motivators for starting Pilates.

The Pilates method offers a lot of benefits for assisting with back pain. We can use repertoire that both stretches and strengthens the back. We start in supported positions (usually supine), where you can learn how to engage the muscles that need to be engaged.
I start with foundational exercises that teach you how to support your back and find your deep stabilising muscles. From there, we increase load and challenge.
You learn tools to help manage incidents of pain, whilst working to minimise reoccurence.

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