Substance over style

Somewhere we have gotten lost – far too often I see health and fitness reduced to the physical changes of waistlines and booties. Health and fitness is so much more than what you see on the outside.

Once upon a time someone did an experiment where they created two dating profiles for an online dating platform. One profile was a picture of a pretty girl with no other information. She got lots of interest. One of the potential suitors even wrote “You sound really interesting. I‘d love to meet you”.

The other was a proper profile – an accomplished woman who was average looking. She got no interest.

We live in a world that celebrates style over substance. Focusing on the outside appearance can leave the body imbalanced and result in dysfunctional movement.

Pilates is different – it is designed to work from the inside out. We start with your intrinsic muscles (the deepest stability muscles) and work our way out. We work on the muscles that will reduce pain and improve performance so you can enjoy your daily activities.

“Contrology (Pilates) is not a system of haphazard exercises designed to produce only bulging muscles” – Joseph Pilates

Building a better booty takes a backseat to ensuring your glutes are functional. Building a strong shoulder girdle takes precedence over bulging biceps. Learning pelvic stability is more critical than building shapely thighs.

First, we learn how to move better, increase performance and reduce pain. Then we celebrate the physical changes that result. But substance is always more important than style.

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