New Year…more you!


“New year, new you” – The slogan that makes me cranky every year. It is used by fitness and weight loss businesses in January.
But, the world doesn’t need a new version of you.It needs you be authentically you – on your good days and your bad.

You are designed and created for a purpose. You are the whole package and you are enough just the way you are.

Every year our goal shouldn’t be to magically transform into a new and “better” version – that’s simply impossible. Every year our goal should be to find more of the good and refine the edges so that we are better equipped to fulfil our purpose.

And where does Pilates fit into creating more of you? Pilates is more than just a workout to transform the body. It is a system that helps you connect with your mind and body and learn to move as efficiently and effectively as possible. It is designed to help you go into your world feeling stronger, healthier and less pain…..ready to fulfil your dreams and goals.


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